How to Use

While memorizing the qurAan, there will be a portion of the material you have already memorized that you have to revise every day as well as some amount of new material that you attempt to memorize. Using, you can keep a record of how much you have revised and how much you have memorized each day. will motivate students of the qurAan who are memorizing on their own to be consistent and recognize that they are making steady progress by visualizing how much they are memorizing over time. For students memorizing in a class, it is a means for the teacher checking on the student's progress, since usually a teacher will not be able to listen to the student's revision every day.

Tracking Your Progress

The amount revised each day is recorded on the "View and Manage Revision Sessions" tab in the main window:

Revision Sessions Tab

The amount memorized each day is recorded on the "View and Manage Memorization Sessions" tab in the main window:

Memorization Sessions Tab

Visualizing Your Progress

By switching to the "Statistics" view, a chart view of the memorization over the past week, month, or year is displayed. Also, calculates and displays how long it will take you to complete memorization of the qurAan based on your average memorization per day or per week.

Statistics View

Monitoring Students

Teachers can create classrooms for their students to join. When students join the classroom, the teacher can keep track of the students' progress.

Classroom Window

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