How Works

Programming is programmed in Objective-J using Cappuccino, a port of the Apple Cocoa frameworks to javascript. It allows easy creation of full-featured, desktop-class applications using standards compliant technologies like XHTML and javascript so that there is no need for installation of Flash or other plugin software. Objective-J and Cappuccino are both projects by the guys at 280North who are also responsible for 280Slides and a promising new project called Atlas.

Session Scoring and Statistics

The scores which assigns to recorded sessions are actually based on the percentage of the Qur'aan that was recorded in that session by approximate letter count. For practice sessions, the score is in tens of a percent, so, for example, a score of 40 means that 4% of the Qur'aan was recited in that practice session. For memorization sessions, the score is in hundreds of a percent, so a score of 40 would mean that 0.4% of the Qur'aan was memorized in that session.

Letters are counted using a modified script similar to those found on this page by ShadowCaster. The Qur'aan text used is also the one he links from that site and a very similar method is used for processing and counting the letters in each ayah.

Using the letter counts, statistics like average score memorized per day, percentage of the entire qurAan memorized, etc. can be calculated. These are used to predict the completion date for memorization.