Welcome to HifzHelper.com

assalaamu Alaykum! Welcome to HifzHelper.com!

HifzHelper.com is a place to record and track your progress in reciting and memorizing the quraan. HifzHelper.com can help you get on track and motivated in memorizing the quraan, and make sure you practice a certain amount of what you've already memorized every day. New features are being added practically every week. Please see below for a list of planned features and don't hesitate to send a message or leave suggestions on the discussion forum.

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Current Features

Planned Features

Don't hesitate to let us know which features are most important to you or suggest some that you don't see on the list in the discussion forums (log in to gain access to the discussion forums). Planned features are roughly in order of when they will be implemented, but that will change based on feedback and ease of implementation.