Understanding HifzHelper.com Statistics

Use the mode switch to change from the table view to the statistics view.

Statistics Mode Switch

The buttons across the top of the chart modify how much time is displayed in the chart- one week, one month, one year, or the entire time since you have started recording. The slider on the bottom allows you to choose which time to display, from the most recent recording, all the way back to the first recording.

Statistics Chart Controls

On the right side of the window, there are some statistics that are calculated based on whatever is displayed in the chart on the left. At the top, the date for which the statistics are calculated is displayed. The average score can be calculated as either average daily score or average weekly score. If average daily score is calculated, you can choose to include or not include skipped days (days on which you did not record any progress).

Average Statistics

The bottom portion of the statistics are a little different depending on whether you are looking at revision or memorization sessions. For revision sessions, the number of days, weeks, or years it will take you to complete a single recitation of the entire qurAan is calculated, based on the average score above.

Projected Completion of Revision Statistics

For memorization sessions, the date on which you will complete memorization of the entire qurAan is calculated based on the average score displayed and the total score of all the memorization sessions you have recorded.

Projected Completion of Memorization Statistics

If you memorized some portion of the qurAaan before starting to use HifzHelper.com, you will want that amount of the qurAan to be accounted for when calculating your projected completion date. To add that amount, click on the "Memorized Before Joining?" button and enter whatever portion of the qurAan you have already memorized. You can record multiple portions in this way, if you have memorized at several different places in the qurAan. Whatever you record will appear in the table with the other recorded sessions with the date "0000-00-00".

Memorized Before Joining Button